I need to learn to stop saying, “I’ll never…”

It started with fake leather pants, circa 2000. “I’ll never wear fake leather pants. That is so ridiculous.” See picture below of me on my first day of eighth grade. Yikes.

Later, I said, “I’ll never get a Twitter account.”

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Then, oh then, I said, “I’ll never have a blog. What in the world would I blog about?”

To some extent, I still have no idea what to blog about, but as I enjoy reading more and more blogs, I have grown to love the personal connections created in the blogging community. I love the idea that I can post a recipe, and some young newlywed in Connecticut can use it to make dinner that night. (Do you think I will get any followers in Connecticut? That would be legit.)

All wordiness aside, this blog is to share what (little) I know and to connect to you as the reader. I plan to share my favorite recipes and entertaining ideas, and to give some chirpets of my life.

As for the title, For Better Or Worse came to me one day when I was a little fiance bug….making a homemade pie (for better) with a bottle of wine as a rolling-pin (for worse). In the day to day life as a 20-something newlywed, some things are for better and some things are for worse. Thanks to the Good Lord, they are mostly for the better.

lastly, here’s to the guy who sticks with me through better or worse. see how happy he makes me?


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