The Genius of Others

Lately, I’ve cooked up some things that I (humbly) think have been very yummy. Daniel always asks, “Are you gonna blog this?”

I reply, “No, they’re not my recipes.”

After about five of these conversations, I realized I should share these recipes with y’all and show you where to find them. That way, you get to enjoy their deliciousness, and their creators get some internet traffic. That’s a win-win in my book.

1. Mexican Chipolte Chocolate Bites, Better Homes and Gardens,



Alright, I have some confessions to make about this one. First of all, I didn’t add chipolte. That was just too weird for me. Regardless, everyone said they had great flavor, probably due to the cinnamon and nutmeg. Secondly, the homemade filling was a huge f-a-i-l for me. Like a zero, not like an 69.5-beg-your-professor-for-a-D. Thankfully, I had a can of frosting (gasp! storebought!) in my pantry.

All in all, these are cookies with icing in the middle. Amen.

2. Caprese Sticks, use real butter,


“Ooooh, girl, you fancy!”

At least, that’s what people will think when you serve these.

Great flavor, great presentation, and easy. What more could you want?

3. Jerk Chicken and Slaw, Better Homes and Gardens,


Okay, wow. My photo looks dreadful compared to the BHG example photo, but I don’t have a photography/food staging staff.

This meal was scrumptious. The chicken had a kick of spice, and the slaw was, in Daniel’s words, “refreshing”. Yes, my guy’s guy, burger and beer husband, referred to a pineapple slaw as refreshing. Victory is mine.

4. Mini Cheese Balls in Phyllo Shells, A Spicy Perspective,



I love this recipe because it is something different. I like when people ask, “What is that?” because it means that dish is unique…or weird. Your choice.

In summary, I’m thankful for all the wonderful cooks out there who share their recipes on websites, blogs, and Pinterest. It makes my life easier and more delicious!


One thought on “The Genius of Others

  1. I can now attest to the scrumptiousness of one of your culinary creations! The jerk chicken was over the top! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

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