The Perfect Smoothie

This is not a recipe. This is not cooking. This is simply throwing stuff in a blender to create deliciousness.

I learned this recipe from a boot camp trainer. It is full of all things good, and no things bad. It is perfect for one of those days when you realize you have eaten cereal, a PB&J, pretzels, and zero fruits or veggies. Does anyone else have those days? Please say yes.

For this lovely concoction, you will need:

frozen berries, banana, fresh spinach, honey, olive oil

The frozen berries give the smoothie its awesome ice-y smoothie-ness, but sometimes they cause problems in the blender. I usually put mine in a bowl and microwave for about 10 seconds to make blending easier.

Put the berries in the blender.

Slice the banana and put it in the blender.

Throw a good handful of spinach in the blender. Yes, spinach. I promise you won’t taste it, and it is chock full of protein and goodness.

Now add a squirt of honey for sweetness.

Then, add a dash of olive oil. The boot camp trainer said it had health benefits, and I believe him. I’m trusting like that.

Now, blend all that yumminess together.

Serve and enjoy that cold healthy greatness!


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