Wise Women

Well, here they are…


My mother (the hot blonde) and my mother in-law (the stunning brunette).

You will be hearing lots about these two.

My mother, Johnnie Kay, is for sure the nicest human being on the planet. Ever. For real.

I will be sharing ideas from her because she is incredibly thoughtful, while being organized and efficient. She makes  her friends and family feel loved on a daily basis, including lighting candles for people while she prays for them. “I think God can see my prayers better,” she says. With her prayer success rate, she may be onto something…

My mother in-law, Suse, is the master entertainer and chef. Tasting her bread pudding is the closest you can get to heaven on this earth. This woman will throw a Sunday lunch that puts most wedding receptions to shame. We have lots to learn from her.

That leads me today’s post. Suse has some non-negotiables when it comes to cooking and entertaining, and I am going to share some with you today.

1) Use good paper napkins or real napkins.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever (get the picture?) use paper towels as napkins when serving.


cocktail napkins we received at a wedding shower…perfect for football parties!

2) Grate your own cheese.

This was a new concept to me, but Suse has shown me the gift of self-grated cheese. The consistency and flavor is significantly better than pre-grated cheese.

Grate your own cheese. Just do it.

3) Use real utensils and plates.

Fresh out of college, my friends and I were hosting a bridal shower on a very tight budget. I asked Suse how we could have a nice event without spending too much money.

“Use real utensils and plates.”


stored in mason jars for that Southern touch

It’s true. Not eating off paper plates with plastic utensils does make a difference. It adds a certain “fancy factor”.

Many thanks to Johnnie Kay and Suse for all the domestic advice they have given me and continue to give me. I hope you will enjoy their wisdom as much as I have.


2 thoughts on “Wise Women

  1. Yes these are some outstanding ladies! I have learned much from both of them. Love your blog! (Although don’t I can do spinach in a smoothie . . )

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